Margot at New Museum

She very slowly ricocheted from wall to wall, soaking in each painting, unconcerned with the cluttered surrounding of weekend art seekers. Margot is a graduate of NYU’s Gallatin School and recently started a job at The Cultivist. She not only came for Jim Shaw’s survey exhibition at the New Museum but also got a docent tour by none other than the artist himself. Impossible to relinquish the impulse to take her photo, we loved Margot’s casual elegance. However, what drew us in even more was her combat boots and flannel skirt combo. It tapped into our soft side for 90s tv nostalgia, giving us flash backs to My So-Called Life’s teenage heroine and grunge maven Angela Chase. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Krickie at MoMA PS1

This is Krickie. It’s a name that’s impossible to forget. She collects vintage clothing and came to the MoMA PS1 for a stroll through the arts. Krickie was spotted on the main floor but agreed to walk up to the top floor so we could be surrounded by the colossal formica pieces by Louise Lawyler. (Photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Serena at New Museum

Serena’s from Berlin — but made sure to specify that she was born in NYC — has impeccable taste in cute beanies and future chic skirts, while generally giving off a casual cool femininity that’s undeniable no matter how many striking women you’ve encountered in your life. She’s currently doing an internship at Independent Curators International before she returns to school to hopefully study art. While we can’t stop drooling over her Ohne Titel skirt — German for “untitled” — what she was most excited about were her new chromed out kicks.

Security at MoMA PS1

Remember that quick-witted 10th grade teacher who had awful style but knew just the way to simultaneously put you in your place while making you look up to her? That’s exactly how I feel about the stern demeanor from security guards and their occasional fun-crushing in the name of something you respect, like art. (photo by Xavier Aaronson)

Let’s Not and Say We Did: @Large

Let’s Not and Say We Did is a new Babes At The Museum series that reviews art exhibits without actually attending them. Why peel off your pajamas and physically drag yourself to a museum, when our eyeballs are so tightly fastened to our multifarious display screens that a noteworthy chunk of our art consumption and critique is absorbed through some of our favorite portals like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. In this first installment, our bodacious ink slinger Marie-Clare Treseder Gorham ”attends” the Ai Weiwei’s @Large exhibit at Alcatraz and culls some of social media’s yays, nays, and whatevs to offer a glimpse into what people —who actually attended the show — are saying about the artwork.