An Interview With Adele

On a nondescript, cold and rainy day we’re nestled inside London’s British Museum, soaking in a museum we’ve never visited and maybe even waiting for a blip of babe to pop up on our radar.

Not just any babe, we want radiance, beauty and preferably good news on this drab day. Then all wishful thinking stops. She appears.  She appears in the colors of honeybee actually, and we feel warm again.

Her name is Adele or Delly, as her friends call her. She wears what looks to be a giant, asymmetrical yellow sheepskin vest over black: a tint of charcoal black crossed over with shades of witch black; basically all we can say is that she’s wearing lots of black.

It goes without saying but with such an outfit, this British lass is most definitely an untroubled style shaker and resplendent surprise on an otherwise gloomy London day. 

Six months later, we’ve tracked down Adele to ask her a loads of questions that we were too sheepish to ask her in person, on that fateful day.

BATM:  What you’re up to these days?

I’ve just finished my foundation year and am looking forward to starting my degree in Product and Furniture Design. I’m currently working in a city pub and a design shop to get some money over the summer!


What’s your favorite part of Product and Furniture Design?

I love being able to create something from nothing, I now have objects and products I have made around my house, and it is so satisfying thinking ‘I made that’. What I have always wanted in life is to surround myself with beautiful things, now that I’m older and have a bit more disposable income I can now make my space exactly how I want it.


Did museums have anything to do with your perception on Design?

Going to museums is definitely a key influence. Now that I am doing 3D work I think it is particularly important seeing things in the flesh, but I think any Art or Design can be an influence to my work, as there will always be colours, patterns and themes that can interest me.


Let me breech an important topic: yellow sheepskin vest?! 

The famous yellow sheepskin vest is one of the many things I’ve stolen from my mum’s wardrobe. She teaches Fashion at university and it was made and given to her by one of her old students. I love it mainly because we have had such a long and miserable winter in England and it keeps me warm. And because its sleeveless, it’s perfect for not overheating on the tube and buses. I mainly wear black, and yellow is my favourite colour so it’s useful to stop me looking like I’m going to a funeral!


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree then?

My mum and I have pretty similar taste and always end up picking the same thing when we go shopping, although my mum goes for more asymmetric cuts and I like things straight and simple. We both love the shop Cos, I think we would happily buy everything there.

What other sartorial tips have you picked up from style maven mom?

I love finding pieces that she’s made over the years, they always have interesting cuts and shapes. We also have a collection of huge scarves at home, which I like to swathe myself in over winter.


So when we bumped into you, you were carrying a colossal backpack. Would you tell us: what was in the backpack?

If I can recall I think the backpack probably had a series of jumpers and scarves because it was freezing that day, but it also would have had my massive sketchbook and a bunch of pencils so I could do some drawings in the museum and maybe my iPad, I tend to carry that with my everywhere I go as it contains my life and all my research.


What artists makes you weak in the knees?

I did see Adrien Ghenie’s exhibition recently. He’s Romanian artist who uses Gerhard Richter’s style of dragging paint but applied to portraits, although I saw it more than a year ago his work has stuck in my mind ever since.

And among the British heavy hitters… Who would you put money on in an arm wrestling match: Francis Bacon or Damien Hirst? Bansky or William Hogarth?

Well I’d rather Francis Bacon won, as I’m not a huge fan of Damien Hirst, but he’d probably win due to his shifty, business-minded ways. Definitely William Hogarth wins over Banksy!


Last British question. So, how often do you hear people use the word ‘bullocks’, anyways? 

Haha. People don’t say ‘bullocks’ they do say ‘bollocks’ though, some other good examples are ‘cheers’, ‘bugger’, ‘pillock’, ‘tosser’, or ‘wanker’, I enjoy hearing these at the pub.


If we had a Babes at the Museum jukebox what would be three indispensable songs to have on it?  

Oooo, they change all the time but at the moment I would say ‘Smooth While Raw’ by Gramatik, and anything by Manu Chao or Fat Freddys Drop!

Favorite dish?

Well… my mum’s family is Dutch Indonesian, and every so often my mum makes a huge feast of Indonesian food, and I always end up with a food coma, and eat the leftovers for a week after.


What’s a really great day in Adele’s world?

In London, a great day would probably be, a hot summer’s day, and I would go to a good exhibition at the Royal Academy, then go for a relaxing cycle around Hyde Park (with a pop-up Mediterranean beach in the middle, ideally), top it off with a big Mexican meal in Wahaca, and spend the rest of the day having drinks and relaxing in the sun.


Anything else you might want to add, plug, bring to our awareness…..

I don’t think so but great questions, you left me thinking.