Perfect Lighting In Prep Room with Honeycomb Shades

Perfect Lighting In Prep Room with Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Creating the perfect prep room means a lot of things.

You want to be able to create a good atmosphere with good vibes to get you ready for whatever it is you’re going out into the world for! Whether heading off to work for the day or to a night out on the town with the crew, you want your prep room to be a place where you can get ready in comfort and style!

One of the most important things to consider in a prep room is the lighting. Too bright and you’ll feel like you are trapped in some kind of late-night pharmacy purgatory. Too dark and you won’t be able to get your colors right. This can be an absolute nightmare for doing makeup.

Beyond the lighting that you install in your home, having the right window treatments is equally as important for staying in control of light! Whenever someone asks us about getting the best window treatments for a prep room, we always recommend Honeycomb shades!

What Are Honeycomb Shades?

Honeycomb shades, often referred to as cellular shades, are made from continuous pieces of fabric. They either fold along crisp pleats or roll-up. Manufacturers bond the fabric together in cells, which are shaped just like honeycomb! You can purchase honeycomb shade sin single, double, or multi-layered designs.

The great thing about honeycomb shades is that they trap air between the cell layers, which provides added insulation. You won’t have to worry about running your heater during the cold months or cranking your A/C during the hot months!

Top down bottom up shades come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors Affordable Blinds shows “in stock”. What is most important is that they have different light filtering options as well!

Light Filtering With Honeycomb Shades

As we said, there are plenty of different options for styles and colors when it comes to Honeycomb shades. For a prep room, we highly recommend leaning towards the sheer side. This way, if you are getting ready during the day, you can let a bit of natural light in while still maintaining your privacy.

Perfect Lighting In Prep Room with Honeycomb Shades

We also recommend getting blackout fabrics that you can hang behind your Honeycomb shades in the case that you want to block out light completely click to find out more. Sometimes you want to rely purely on the lighting that you have available in your home. Sometimes the natural light coming from outside simply isn’t working. In other cases, you might live right next to a busy street or have neighbors that are close in proximity.

Having blackout liner behind your Honeycomb shades can provide additional privacy when you need it most.

Get Yourself a Set of Honeycomb Shades

Beyond prep rooms, Honeycomb shades can work in all kinds of spaces within the home. From the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom and beyond, Honeycomb shades are incredibly versatile and fairly inexpensive check this site you’ll find compared to the most popular window treatments on the market today.

As for window treatments in prep rooms go, you won’t be disappointed!