Taking in the Museum on Your Family Day Out

The Museum is open to the public every day of the year but most days are closed for special events and holidays. For your children this means that the Museum is usually not on any of their school holidays. Family Day in the Georgia Museum. On Saturday July 14th a group of three comes into the foyer of the Museum.

This makes a perfect afternoon or evening for an excursion into the Museum on a school holiday. A trip to the Georgia museum is an opportunity to get the children involved in the Museum, whilst also making them feel part of the celebrations that the Museum sponsors throughout the year. One of the benefits of being part of the programme is that you can choose a number of activities that the children will participate in with other participants from different age groups. It can be something as simple as a treasure hunt around the Museum grounds, where you can bring along items from around the world.

Another exciting event for parents is a visit to the Victoria Barracks. The Georgian Barracks in Petersburg was the place from which the famous British troops in the Boer War gathered for battle. There is also a military Museum, which has a replica of one of the houses in which the troops lived in the Boer War, as well as reproductions of some of the weapons they used.

The Georgian town itself is a unique opportunity for your children to learn about Georgian culture and history. Visitors can view many of the Georgian buildings and homes that were left behind when the town was abandoned following the Boer War. Many of these buildings are still standing today and can be visited by the children to take in some of the unique architecture.

The day can end with a visit to the Art Gallery. This building is the largest and most important of all the museums in Petersburg. This room houses the Museum’s permanent collection, which includes the best pieces of art and paintings by many great artists, as well as rare antiques.

The Georgia Museum has a great day out for everyone. It is a chance for the whole family to join in the celebrations that are being organized throughout the year, whether it is a holiday event for the whole family, or a day out for your children to learn about the Georgian culture and history.